Man in the mirror concert Barcelona 2011


The question “who is the King of Pop?” can just have only one answer: Michael Jackson. That’s a fact and no one should debate about it! More than 45 years performing in the stage, his legacy can’t be counted just simply by the number of hits or fan base. As the matter of fact, it was, it is and it will always have a great impact to many musical artists in generations.

I don’t know if it happens to you, but if I listen to more than hundreds of songs in which just one is Michael Jackson’s song, it will be easily for me to spot it. His songs, or in larger scale, his music is so differentiated and no one can manage to imitate or even close to be compared with. I really don’t like these articles which try to compare singer A, singer B…to Michael Jackson. What on Earth! The legend is incomparable! I really don’t want to mention that he’s not among us anymore; just one thing, for sure he will be in the hearts of music fans forever.

Alright, I should focus on my work which brings to you upcoming events in Barcelona. So here we go from 24.3 to 3.4 as a part of the popular Promoconcert, the famous concert: Man in the mirror which playing many hits (all in original versions) by Michael Jackson : Man in the mirror, Beat it, Black or white, Thriller… you name it, featuring with amazing special effects, explosive choreography and much more. The concert has been receiving success all over the world and attracting more than 5 millions audiences and also receiving really positive comments from music fans and press. It is considered as the best way to pay a tribute to the legend. Theater Tivoli, the second biggest theater in Barcelona will host this highly awaited concert.

Below is the promo video for the concert:

The concert is a must if you plan to visit Barcelona!


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