Events for week 15


Let’s spend a minute checking the events taking place during this week in Barcelona, you can find information for these great events in my previous posts!

14-17/4: International Comic Fair (Ficomic): This year will be the 29th edition of the famous and prestigious Ficomic, an international fair dedicating to comic. For sure it will be a magnet drawing comic manias all around Barcelona and Europe. Many cool activities will be organized during the fair, just for taking part in it, you can have a chance to win free comic! Sounds great, right? See you there!

16/4: Carmina Burana and 9th Symphony in D minor Concert in Promoconcert. The highly noted Promoconcert manages to keep its fame and prestige by offering fantastic concerts. In the top list should be these concerts performing Carmina Burana, the widely known catana composed by Carl Orff and the 9th Symphony in D minor, a masterpiece made by the legend Ludwig Van Beethoven. You just can’t afford to miss these performances.

17/4: Palm Sunday: One of the most noted and popular celebrations in Barcelona! As usual Catalan people tend to have their own way to celebrate Palm Sunday in which nicely hand-made palm branches and the procession starting from Cathedral de la Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia at the Plaza la Seu are highlights. Children will carry their palm branch around and treat it like the lucky charm. Meanwhile people participating in the procession can have an opportunity to observe large sculptures which tailor made for this celebration.

If you plan to go to Barcelona during this week, apart from visiting famous tourist attractions, don’t forget to take part in these events!


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