Speed Dating in Barcelona


Speed dating will return to Barcelona on 14 of May and expects to attract many single people taking part in. Although the concept of speed dating is quite well known, it’s still a new player in Spain. The aim is to create a meeting point for singles so they can get together, meet new people and who knows with the help of Cupid, someone can find their loves! Before the dating scorecards will be delivered to participators in order to help them mark names, appearances or traits of people they talk with.

Participants really need to manage their time as they just have only 5 minutes to talk to each other before moving to  ‘conversation”, or chat with other people. Probably you will find it’s not easy to talk in just 5 minutes, but do not worry, in the end of the event there will have a chance to drink and mingle with people you just meet.  

The most interesting part will be out on the day after the dating, you will browse to Dateclub (company organizes the event) and select 7 people you’re fond of by ticking to the list, if they tick you as well so you have a match!!!It’s time to end your lonely time! On the other hand, chin up even if you don’t find any matches, above of all, you have fun and spend good time with nice people! 



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