Ciuta Vella Flamenco Festival 2011


Firstly let’s pick up some basic information about Flamenco. Flamenco is a special kind of dance and music with the existence of more than 200 years. There have 3 integral elements in Flamenco: song, dance, guitar, each of them is divided in various subgenres. For song (cante in Spanish), the 2 main ‘styles’ are jondo and chico, jondo means deep, serious songs which in some cases, reflect the feelings of oppressed people. Meanwhile chico is little songs and the main themes are love, happiness, humor. As the matter of fact, many people misunderstand that Flamenco is simply a kind of dance and they treat it as the most important facet of Flamenco, however, song is the essence of this art.   

About dance (baile), we can list: Flamenco puro, classical flamenco and flamenco Nuevo. In Flamenco puro, the dancers always perform solo. Classical flamenco is widely being used by modern Spanish Flamenco companies; normally, dancers in this genre used to train as ballet dancers because of similar movements between classical flamenco and ballet. For flamenco Nuevo, it’s considered as the new face in flamenco world.

The last flamenco’s component-guitar (toque) is said to share similarity with classical guitar, except for some distinctions. However, the playing techniques of toque are different.

There have many reasons why Flamenco is popular all around the world: its complex movements, the great combination of song, dance, guitar into passionate rhythm…

Now back to the main point, from 18 to 21 of May the famous Ciuta Vella Flamenco Festival will take place in CCCB (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona). This year the festival celebrates its 18th edition and expects to satisfy Flamenco lovers with top performances by noted and prominent artists. The main theme will be “Omega”.

Below is the video from 2010 festival, enjoy!


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