Swab Festival 2011


Barcelona is famous for various festivals in which Swab deserves to be in the top list. For the record, Swab is an art festival which is heavily focus on temporary art by showcasing collectors, works by many noted galleries all around the world which show interests and attention to introduce, promote works by young artists who are full of creativity and innovation. By attending in Swab, these artists have a chance to bring their works to the art community, press and media.

Also the festival offers golden chance for participators to enjoy sophisticated, beautiful pieces which are hard to approach. There will have many activities taking place during the festival: For art collectors, Swab provides a handy acquisition program which makes the purchasing process so convenient and time saving. Or the Swab prize which mainly point to prominent artists with paper or other drawing works….

This year the event will be held from 26 to 29 of May in Fira Montjuic and expect to attract more than 50 renowned galleries all over the world and 20000 people take part in. It seems that Swab is still on the right track and it is able to gain more success and fame in the future.

Have a look at a video of the event in 2010

See you there!


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