Vermut Jazz 2011


Tell me what pops up in your mind if someone mention about jazz: “I love it”, “So so”, “What is it?”, “Never heard about it”. Well, these can be typical answers. For me, jazz is more than a music genre; it’s a kind of art form. I listen to it while I feel depressed as its uplifting melodies and smooth combination of instrumentals and vocals can help me feel better. And for sure if I’m happy, a jazz song will maximize my feelings. In case I would like to shake my body a little bit, jazz can once again be my company.

I wonder what can be a more relaxed way to enjoy an evening than light a candle, enjoy a cup of tea, stretch on the sofa while letting your mind float in the rhythm of jazz.

Alright, I should put aside my love for jazz and back to the main mission: present to you upcoming events in Barcelona. This time the event is definitely related to jazz! From 15 of May to 19 of June as collaboration between Associació de Músics de Jazz de Catalunya and L’Auditori, Vermut Jazz which features 5 free concerts by highly recognized jazz bands and singers will take place just outside the concert hall of L’Auditori. The reason to organize these concerts outdoor is that participators can listen to fine music while enjoying the sun, fresh air and indeed, some wine! What a great chemistry!

Which song I should put in this post? How about the one that I’ve listened to many times without knowing its name!


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