WWE World Tour


It was kind of funny whenever I recall about the first time watching a WWE match, I was scared (a little bit) at that time and can’t stop asking “What one Earth?” I didn’t expect a guy can brutally slam a steel chair into his opponent’s back and even tried to make him bleed! Later I knew that everything was just for entertaining purposes! Then I turn into a WWE fan and hardly miss a match.

One of my friends used to ask me why I’m so fond of WWE, well, I can list some reasons. Firstly, WWE offers a great combination of action and drama; all the wrestlers who normally are divided into face good guy and heel (bad guy) have their own story line with relation, friction and in certain period, they can turn heel into a total different character…The way they “act”, how they mimic and mock each other is really worth watching. About action, what can you say about a high jump from the top of the ring, or an acrobat finish? Just awesome! Also a WWE match is a performance of light, firework and music in order to bring ultimate excitement to the audiences. And WWE has established as the most famous entertained wrestling company thanks to diversified types of match and events: hell in the cell, no way out, king of the ring…different championship (world heavy weight, intercontinental…) The climax Wrestlemania features top matches which no one can afford to miss.

To help WWE fans around the world get a chance to watch matches live, WWE presents WWE World Tour featuring famous super stars like Randy Orton, Kane…The tour will visit Pavello Olimpic de Badalona, Barcelona on 11 of June and expects to attract many wrestling supporters.

In the meantime, let’s all be thrilled by the fantastic entrance theme by Triple H, one of the best wrestlers!


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