ZZ Top Concert in Barcelona


Calling themselves “That little band from Texas”, however, after more than 40 years rocking the world, ZZ Top is still as energetic as from the beginning and establishing themselves as one of “biggest” and most influential rock bands! For sure rock fans will never forget the legacy they have left behind.

Probably the first and unforgettable impression about the band is “amazing beards” of the guitarists and vocals Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons. The funny thing is that another member of the trio, Frank Beard is the only one who doesn’t grow his “beard”. Also the band manages to be outstanding by their unique hats and big-frame sun glasses which make people get the feeling they just get back from the party on the beach. However, these impressions will not last a long time without the ultimate catalyst: their music, which categorized as blues rock, southern rock, hard rock.

These statistics can somehow show how famous the band is: They have been selling more than 50 million albums worldwide, winning numerous music awards including three MTV music awards…and gaining million die-hard fans all over the world.

On 13 of July ZZ Top will have a concert at Poble Espanyol, Barcelona. They expect to perform hits which played parts to spread their music and image such as “Sharp dress man”, “Legs”, “Rough Boy”…

In the meantime let’s enjoy one the most noted songs by the band which should be in the playlist if you are a rock fan!



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