Audi MedCup Circuit in Barcelona


Would you like to know something about regatta? In general, a regatta is defined as a series of boat races, mainly for rowed or sailed water ones. There still have many debates about the name “regatta” whether it’s derived from Latin or Italian. A typical regatta consists of races (as the core activity indeed) and many other social and entertained events. Being considered as the competition for amateurs, however, regatta is still well-organized and follows rules for schedule and procedure of the race.  

Among many famous regatta circuits, Audi MedCup is named as a leading one although it has just been held for 5 times. Audi MedCup (you can realize from the name) gets sponsor by automobile manufacturer Audi. The competition often lasts 5 months, starting from May; its route goes throughout Southern Europe and attracts sailors all over the world. In order to make the competition special, a rule related to the boat design is issued, stating that each and every boat has the same design, which means that it depends on how skilled the sailors are to win. It features two kinds of boats: TP52 and GP42. While TP52 was being competed right from the first edition of the race, GP42 was just added to the list since 2009.

This year, Audi MedCup will return to Moll de la Fusta – Port Vell marina, Barcelona from 12 to 17 of September. Parallel activities will be held during the completion and expect to attract lots of people.

Check out the video for 2010 race in Barcelona:

See you there!

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Jamiroquai Concert in Barcelona, July 2011


Considered as one of the most noted British bands, Jamiroquai has been performing nearly 20 years and gaining success and fame all over the world. Among 13 released albums which have been selling more than 25 million records, 8 of them are awarded platinum. The band also managed to win a prestigious Grammy Award in 1998 for “Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with vocal” and 5 MTV Music Award.

Jamiroquai is widely well known for their great live performances, versatile music genes: jazz punk, acid jazz, funk, disco… and iconic video clips. Also we need to mention their unique buffalo man (a silhouette created by front man Jay Kay which features in the band’s album cover), Jay Kay’s distinguished attire including an Indian hat.

On 30 of July as a part of European Tour, the band will hold a concert in Poble Espanyol, Barcelona. As I mentioned before Jamiroquai is renowned for their live performances, that’s why Barcelona audiences can be guaranteed for a great concert!

Check out the MV for one of many hits by Jamiroquai:

See you there!!!

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ZZ Top Concert in Barcelona


Calling themselves “That little band from Texas”, however, after more than 40 years rocking the world, ZZ Top is still as energetic as from the beginning and establishing themselves as one of “biggest” and most influential rock bands! For sure rock fans will never forget the legacy they have left behind.

Probably the first and unforgettable impression about the band is “amazing beards” of the guitarists and vocals Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons. The funny thing is that another member of the trio, Frank Beard is the only one who doesn’t grow his “beard”. Also the band manages to be outstanding by their unique hats and big-frame sun glasses which make people get the feeling they just get back from the party on the beach. However, these impressions will not last a long time without the ultimate catalyst: their music, which categorized as blues rock, southern rock, hard rock.

These statistics can somehow show how famous the band is: They have been selling more than 50 million albums worldwide, winning numerous music awards including three MTV music awards…and gaining million die-hard fans all over the world.

On 13 of July ZZ Top will have a concert at Poble Espanyol, Barcelona. They expect to perform hits which played parts to spread their music and image such as “Sharp dress man”, “Legs”, “Rough Boy”…

In the meantime let’s enjoy one the most noted songs by the band which should be in the playlist if you are a rock fan!

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Hipnotik Festival 2011


I still remember how excited I was the first time watching a break dance performance on TV. I wondered how those dancers can perform such amazing movements with ease like this, to be honest; I didn’t dare try to imitate them, mostly because I was afraid of hurting myself. Step by step, I know that break dance is just a part of hip hop, which used to define as “a state of mind”. I can’t say that I’m a fan of hip hop, although I fancy these incredibly creative graffiti and some rap songs which sometimes I listen to. However, I’m sure that the more you find out about hip hop, the more you will treasure it and hopefully hail the (common) misunderstand that hip hop is just full of anger, drug…related!

To put it in brief, hip hop is an artistic culture which normally be seen through 5 elements: DJing, MCing, Graffiti, Breaking, Beatbox.

As a matter of fact, hip hop has been spreading its image, impact and value to all over the world, which Barcelona is not an exception. In order to make a meeting point for all hip hop cults and help other people get the sounded idea about hip hop, Hipnotik, a festival which designated to hip hop has been taking place.  This year the festival celebrates its 8th edition with many great activities being organized, such as concerts by talented artists: Duddi Wallace, Putolargo, Duo Kie…competitions for break dance, graffiti, classic “battle” for MCs…Also as an act to bring hip hop to more audiences and encourage people to express themselves, the festival offers “Battle for the band”, new space session with DJs and free micro for anyone who would like to try to rap.

Check out one of the great performances from last year edition:

Hope to see you there!

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Entrepreneur’s Day 2011


All over the year in Barcelona there will have many events dedicating to particular field or professional, for entrepreneurs, they can be proud about “Entrepreneur’s day” taking place annually since 2001. Like its name, “entrepreneur’s day’’ offers a golden chance for entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprise owners, decision makers…to get together, represent business ideas and find solutions to turn them into practice, take a close look at market condition and seek for business opportunities and networking.

Thanks to its important role, the event gets the support from many top institutions such as Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Generalitat de Catalunya and Ministry of Industry. As a matter of fact, “Entrepreneur’s day” in Barcelona managed to cross the border of Spain and took a crucial impact to the shape of “European Entrepreneur’s day”.

Many activities will be organized during the event such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and the famous entrepreneur’s fair, this year will be 10th edition of “entrepreneur’s day” and approximately more than 11000 entrepreneurs taking place in the event.

Check out the video for the last edition:


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Snackex 2011


If you have a big crush for snack and snack nuts products, simply you shouldn’t miss Snackex! I can’t tell you what the name means, so let me make it up by offering some basic information about the event. Snackex is the trade fair for snack and snack nut producing industry and related services. It is held by the European Snack Association and this year will mark its 14th edition.

In case you think snack is just chips, you’re definitely wrong, snack products are really diversified, from corn chips, potato sticks, peanuts, tortillas, pretzels, popcorn, rice products, crackers, flips, savoury biscuits, bread chips, meat snacks, baked cheese or salted products, extruded or pelleted snacks. I bet you must drool all over your keyboard!

In Snackex you can find all snack and snack nuts products from top companies as well as new players in the markets all over the world. The event is the perfect meeting point for professionals, buyers, seller, importers, exporters, distributors working in snack producing industry. Through well conducted conferences, showcases and forums, Snackex attenders can have a clear view about the industry including potential growth, emerging markets, newest products and innovations.

Check out the video from Snackex 2009:

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WWE World Tour


It was kind of funny whenever I recall about the first time watching a WWE match, I was scared (a little bit) at that time and can’t stop asking “What one Earth?” I didn’t expect a guy can brutally slam a steel chair into his opponent’s back and even tried to make him bleed! Later I knew that everything was just for entertaining purposes! Then I turn into a WWE fan and hardly miss a match.

One of my friends used to ask me why I’m so fond of WWE, well, I can list some reasons. Firstly, WWE offers a great combination of action and drama; all the wrestlers who normally are divided into face good guy and heel (bad guy) have their own story line with relation, friction and in certain period, they can turn heel into a total different character…The way they “act”, how they mimic and mock each other is really worth watching. About action, what can you say about a high jump from the top of the ring, or an acrobat finish? Just awesome! Also a WWE match is a performance of light, firework and music in order to bring ultimate excitement to the audiences. And WWE has established as the most famous entertained wrestling company thanks to diversified types of match and events: hell in the cell, no way out, king of the ring…different championship (world heavy weight, intercontinental…) The climax Wrestlemania features top matches which no one can afford to miss.

To help WWE fans around the world get a chance to watch matches live, WWE presents WWE World Tour featuring famous super stars like Randy Orton, Kane…The tour will visit Pavello Olimpic de Badalona, Barcelona on 11 of June and expects to attract many wrestling supporters.

In the meantime, let’s all be thrilled by the fantastic entrance theme by Triple H, one of the best wrestlers!

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