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Carne a Domicilio Barcelona – Barcelona meat delivery

If you are too lazy to visit the supermarket, now you can order your meat online, if you live in the Barcelona area. is a website that will deliver fresh meat to your home within 48 hours, at a time of your choosing!  You can order steaks, a leg of lamb, 100% beef hamburgers, whatever you like, and the next day it will be in your house!!

Carne a domicilio Barcelona

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Jean-Fran├žois Rauzier Exhibition Barcelona

Jean-François Rauzier Exhibition is a reknowned French artist responsible for developing the concept of “hyper-Photos”, where he stitches together hundreds of high-resolution photos to create warped and strange super-real compositions.

His Barcelona Exhibition has its Inauguration this Thursday at Villa del Arte Galleries in Barcelona.

For more information about the exhibition, check out the Jean-François Rauzier Exhibition events page.

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Ocean Grand Prix 2011

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Being held in many countries all over the world, the Ocean Grand Prix, Power Boat Championship has established itself as one of the most striking competitions for Power Boat.

The event get credited by UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique), it includes race for 2 powerful genres: OGP Pro 1 (Prototype Boats) and OGP Pro 2 (Production Boats). It often takes place from June to October and thanks to success from previous editions, the competition has been attracting top racers from noted teams. Beyond a competition, the championship offers a golden chance for brands to spread its image to audiences, it helps marine industry, especially hull and engine manufactures present most innovative products.

Spectators can be guaranteed to enjoy the race at its bets because of unlimited public viewing and abundant public access to dry pits, team and time trials.

This year from 7 to 9 of October the Championship will visit Barcelona and expect to thrill Catalan fans with top speed competitions!

Check out the video from 2009 race:

Amazing! See you there!

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Sitges Film Festival

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[[posterous-content:pid___0]] Here comes a fantastic event for movie manias: the highly noted Sitges Film Festival! For those who haven’t heard about it (what a pity!), I have some basic information for you to pick up: The festival has been organizing since 1967, its name simply took from the place it has been holding: beautiful seaside Sitges which is about 35 kilometers southwest of Barcelona. The festival makes itself outstanding by the large range of movies in which fantasy, horror and zombie are pinnacles.  

The festival is the ideal meeting point for movie lovers as well as film makers all over the world to exchange knowledge, experience and keep updated about innovations in making films. There will have lots of activities taking place during the event like classic horror movies screening (you can find subtitle in many languages), the zombie walk which participants will dress up and make up like blood-thirsty zombies and “invade” the town, the prestigious “Maria” Award ranging from best motion picture, best movie to best production design…This year the festival will take place from 6 to 16 of October.

For sure you shouldn’t miss such a great festival like this! It’s really easy to travel from Barcelona to Sitges, you can take the public transports: bus, train or drive your car and if you feel so energized, just use the bicycle! Sitges is also very famous for nice beaches, what can be better than sweating yourself by a horror movie then go to the beach and enjoy the waves!!

Below is the video of Zombie Walk in 2010!!!

See you there!

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George Michael Conncert


Never heard about George Michael? Don’t worry; I will give you some basic information about him:

He’s one of the most famous British singers!

He has been performing (as a band’s member (Wham!) and a solo singer) for more than 30 years.

So far he has been selling more than 100 million albums all over the world.

4 Ivor Novello Awards, 3 Brit Awards, 2 Grammies are among numerous music awards that he managed to win

His first solo singer (and still considered as his most famous song): “Careless Whisper”

Wonder what makes him so famous? Probably it is the combination of a warm and “sexy” voice, composing talent and above of all, the never-ending passion for music.

On 27 of September as part of “Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour” George Michael will have a concert in Palau Saint Jordi area, Barcelona. Special thing about the concert is he will perform with the accompaniment of an orchestra that consequently adds more nuances to songs.

In the meantime, let’s listen to one of his (many) popular songs! For sure you will love its up tempo and catchy tunes!


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La Merce Festival


Among many things which make Barcelona so famous and attractive we have to mention various fiesta (festivals) taking place during the year; in which La Merce Festival is considered as the peak!

The festival is celebrated to honor the city’s patroness saint: La Merce (Lady of Mercy). It manages to gain fame and prestige thanks to its special activities which can be found nowhere else. The first one should be introduced is Castellers (human tower): as for its name, Castellers aims to build a tower, as high as possible, not by bricks but by the participation of many people and in the top of the tower will be a young child. It requires lots of practices, preparations and concentrations. Castellers’s uniqueness is marked by UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritages of Humanity.

Another activity that becomes the trade mark of La Merce is Gigantes (the giant parade). Many wooden giants which are several meter tall and dressed up like King, Queen, Saints will march along the city, the procession often accompanies with drums and flutes and attracts thousands of people taking part in.

Correfoc (fire run) is also a highlight of the festival. It’s divided into 2 parts for children and adult that indeed contains some differences. To put it in brief, adult part is much more exciting, colorful and a little bit more “dangerous”. A distinguished group will dress up like devils and light fireworks, fire breathing dragons will join them and try to scare the crowd with lots of fireworks and bangers. Wonder why it’s a little bit dangerous, actually these devils and dragons will spray sparkle flames directly into people!!!Imagine it!!You’re covered by a shower of sparkle flames!! That’s why people are strongly recommended to wear properly in order to fully enjoy the correfoc.

Also many other activities will take place during the festival such as a marathon race, live concerts, dancing…

This year La Merce will be held from 22 to 25 of September and expected more than 2000 artists taking part in, with more than 600 events!

Check out the video below to partially feel the joy and excitement the festival can offer:

See you there!

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